“Within Golden Manor we have individual playrooms for the age and stage of your child”

“The Barafundle Playroom offers children aged from birth to one years a high standard of care. Children have opportunities to enjoy music, creative arts, messy play, sensory play, stories and lots more! The playroom has a ball pool built in the playroo, the playroom also offers easy accessibility to the garden, with a door leading straight out to the outdoor area and a separate sleep room, with fairy lights in the ceiling”

“The Woodland Playroom specialises in the care of children aged less than two years. Our Playroom offers children fantastic opportunities for play. Children enjoy outside play, creative arts, sensory play, messy play, stories, role play and baking. Each morning the children sing using various musical instruments. The room has easily accessibility to outdoor play, with a door leading straight outside to an enclosed outdoor area”

“The Flying Start and ABC Playroom helps children to get the best start in life whilst giving children the opportunity to learn, develop and play. Our playroom specialises in the care of children aged two to three years, offering children a very high standard of care and learning. Children are offered opportunities to explore and develop in a caring and professional environment. Trips out are a regular occurrence and the children particularly enjoy our visits to the millpond and local parks. The children have opportunities to learn and develop their physical skills, messy play, creative arts, baking, mindfulness, stories and role play”

“The Wildlife Playroom specialises in the care of children aged three years and over and offers children a very high standard of care and learning through our Foundation Phase Curriculum, we also help children develop our national language “Welsh”, using simple phrases, counting and nursery rhymes on a daily basis. Children enjoy learning activities outdoors frequently. The room includes a role play area, craft area, emerging skills, sensory area, construction area, music area, developmental area, story corner plus lots more! The main aims of the wildlife playroom are to help children develop for school in a caring and professional environment for their developing minds and bodies. Children participate in regular visits to Ashdale Residential Care Home and take part in activities with the residents”