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The Flying Start playroom helps children to get the best start in life whilst giving children the opportunity to learn, develop and play. Our playroom specialises in the care of children aged two to three years, offering children a very high standard of care and learning. Children are offered opportunities to explore and develop in a caring and professional environment. Within the playroom we endeavour to build upon what your child already knows, offering opportunities for extending learning and developing knowledge through new experiences. Your child’s key person will provide a variety of opportunities to learn and understand the environment, by offering new sensations, lots of sensory play to explore their immediate world through touch, sight, sound, taste, smell and movement, this is combined with talking to parents and encouraging families to share observations about their child helps us to provide activities and an environment which raises children’s self-esteem and gives them confidence to make healthy choices.

Our playroom is a large spacious playroom; the flooring is laminate and non-slip lino flooring for the wet area and craft area, along with a large soft play area and a carpeted area containing sectioned play areas, providing opportunity for the children to choose their play activities throughout the day.

The room has access to a large grass area and a woodland area as well as a bike area and decking area with sand and water activities set up daily.

  • Craft Area
  • Discovery and Investigation Area
  • Developmental Play/Small World Construction Area
  • Role play
  • Maths
  • Relaxation Corner/Book Corner
  • Home Corner
  • Music and Games
  • Construction Area